Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More diapers and the storage solution

There was a great sale on a week or so ago (may still be going on), so I bought some more cloth diapers and some wet bags. Most of the diapers are too big for Luca right now, and probably will be for some time yet since she's just a peanut. But at half off, I couldn't pass them up! They are SO cute!!! Here are some pictures of the diapers. Not shown here are the two we used tonight; one in yellow with lime snaps and the other in pale pink.

In addition to more diapers, I almost caved over the weekend and bought a diaper stacker. I never thought I'd use one, but now that Luca is into EVERYTHING, diapers left on the shelves of the changing table are not safe from her little hands. She's been known to open a pack of disposables and throw them across the kitchen in 4.5 seconds. But when I started looking at diaper stackers (basically a bag on a clotheshanger that is made of fabric and has an opening down the front, so you can stack diapers in it and remove them one by one), my mom tried to dissaude me. Her experience with 4 kids showed her diaper stackers are a waste of $, so I took her advice. Instead, I spent $2.99 on this lovely little mesh laundry bag:

In it, I put the pre-stuffed and all-in-one cloth diapers in Luca's current size, as well as a few disposables and some extra inserts. Not only is it securely snapped to the table and out of Luca's reach, it also zips shut. Hooray!!!

As for the extra diapers which are still too large for Luca, they are clean and have been placed in a basket on the shelf of the changing table. She may still pull the basket down and toss them around, but at least the ones she fits into are kept secure and ready to go!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! That pic of your daughter in the sunglasses is the CUTEST!


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