Friday, April 11, 2008

Baby Ironman.

Luca is walking!!!

Ok, sorta. She is SO close to being able to get up from a seated position to a standing one on her own...and I DO mean without even holding a couch or a hand. She starts out sitting, then kneels, then props one leg up, but the balance isn't there yet. In the meantime, she's practicing walking with some assistance. My longtime friend and her daughter bought her a pink exercauser for my baby shower way back when, and I almost died when I opened it.

Those of you who know me well know that pink is, uh....not my color? But the cool thing about this particular exercauser is that the 'toy ring' and seat come off, and you're left with a walker. We took the ring off a few weeks ago because she was getting too tall for it and it wasn't keeping her attention anymore. Ok, truth be told, it never kept her attention for long anyhow. That's my ADD baby for you. Anyhow, Darrick took off the ring and seat, leaving it in walker mode, but Luca had zero interest in it. I am learning one thing about her for certain: Luca does things when Luca is damn well ready to do them.

Well, 2 nights ago, she decided she was damn well ready. And of course I had to capture it on my digital camera in video mode.

Here's the funny part: the Ironman in happening this weekend in Tempe, and this video totally makes me think of triathalons. Her triathalon events would be: The Assisted Walk, The Crazy Crawl, and the Weighted Stair Climb (Thanks, Kellie, for naming the events for her!). Enjoy the video. It's kind of on the long side, but I think she's cute enough to make watching the whole thing worth your time.


Freemad said...

OH MY - I can't believe how fast she is growing up.

It's hard to believe she is almost a year old.

Mere said...

She moves quite fast...let's have her gladiator name be: lightening


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