Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Signs you need a vacation.

The past few weeks have been madness for me. I've been working like crazy. I've been dealing with work-related drama. I'm stressed over planning Luca's birthday and working with everyone's schedules. To top it off, Luca's been battling an ear infection that made her a crib puker and today Darrick took her to daycare and forgot her bottle. So after our poor nanny had to watch her yesterday after she puked at night....she then had to deal with her refusing the sippy cup all day today. And, she called me to tell me about it when I was in the middle of a huge and difficult work project. UGH. Needless to say, the stress level was through the roof.

So today I'm driving home from work, and Darrick called me, asking if I'd be here before 6 so he could go to jiu jitsu practice. I decided I should try to make it home in time so he could get to class and I could have some quiet time alone (love you, honey, but I needed a rest). I was driving through our neighborhood thinking about how I'd just pull into the driveway and not open the garage (Luca is sleeping, didn't want to wake her), and how if I hurried inside he could get there on time. As I'm thinking this, I'm putting my phone in my bag and unbuckling my seat belt and turning off my car and....WHAT!!!???!!....I'm TURNING OFF MY CAR!?!??!?! WHILE DRIVING?!?!?!?

Yup. Friends...step aside...there's a new idiot in town, and her party wagon may be cruising down a street near you soon.


Anne said...

LOL. Now, I'll fess up to trying to re-start the car while it's running already, trying to open my front door with my car's remote door unlock, but I've never tried to turn the car off while still pulling in the driveway! I recommend the Caribbean. ahhhhhhhhh...

Crystal said...

OK, I've turned my car off prematurely plenty of times... but I've always at least been in a parking space. But once, in high school, Marianne left her car running, and DOORS OPEN, literally all school day long. Don't tell her I told you.


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