Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday 13, Version 3.0

This week's 13 is dedicated 13 things I wish I was good at but am not.

1. Dancing. I am your classic white girl with no rhythm. I do the 'white girl shuffle'. YOU know the involves some alternating knee bends, some hips swivels, and a little lasso action above the head. least I'm having fun!

2. Hiding my emotions. I know I suck at this because people ALWAYS know when I am mad or sad. I may think I am hiding it well, and then, without fail, my boss will be all "What's that face about?" right in the middle of a staff meeting, and I know I am busted.

3. Making decisions. If you ever want to go out to eat with me, just name the place. Don't ask ME to pick the place, or we won't be eating until sometime the next week. I'm this way with everything. It drives Darrick SO crazy. When we were in childbirth classes while I was pregnant, they gave us a sliding scale question about pain medication in labor. One end of the scale was "I will use medication without a doubt.", and the other end was "I will not use medication no matter what." We were each supposed to answer separately about what decision we envisioned, and then see how well our answers meshed. His check mark for me was in the "I will labor without medication as long as I am comfortable, but will use medication when the pain gets intense." My check mark was next to "I am undecided." Needless to say, he was not shocked to see my answer and I was made fun of for weeks for it.

4. Singing. I used to have a really good voice. And then puberty hit and I took up smoking. So long, good voice.

5. Public speaking. I am getting better at this since my job involves a lot of presentations and public speaking events. But, from time to time, I still get nerves and my voice starts shaking and I sound like I am going to cry.

6. Telling people the truth when it's not what they want to hear. I will be the first person to tell you if there is spinach in your teeth, but I may not ever tell you if that thing you said to me that one time really did hurt my feelings.

7. Saying no. I have a really hard time telling people no, whether it's family, my boss, my friends....pretty much everyone but my husband! ;)

8. Cooking. I like to cook sometimes. I really enjoy baking more. I just wish I was a better cook. I need a bigger repertoire.

9. Skiing. The one time I tried, I ended up coming down the mountain in a plastic toboggan pulled by ski patrol. You can read about it

10. Remembering movie quotes. Lyrics to songs I have down. But I have never been a movie-quote-rememberer. I'm always the chick who people quote movies to and I stare blankly at them and blink slowly.

11. Standing up for myself. This kind of goes with 'saying no', and kind of does not (see where the indecisiveness plays into my life?). I have a hard time defending myself against attacks...instead I shut down and/or internalize and take things personally even if I should not.

12. Sports. Whatever. Stupid athletic jerk heads.

13. Chemistry. I have come to the conclusion I will never be good at chemistry, which sucks because I secretly would kind of like to become a nurse midwife, but without being able to pass chemistry, it's never going to happen.

What do YOU wish you were good at?

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Michelle said...

Great Thursday Thirteen...I have white girl dance syndrome too...

Anonymous said...

Oh let's see... I wish I was good at: hiding my emotions, making decisions, singing and public speaking.... seems that a lot of things on your list also apply to me! I also wish I could play any instrument, write a book or make crafty things well enough to earn a living. *sigh*


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