Friday, April 18, 2008

POP mothereffin' quiz. Get your answers here.

I had intended to let more people answer that, but then I realized that might be bad for my self esteem.

I have no clue if Torso A is carrying a baby. Torsos B and D most certainly are. Torso C is mine...and I took this picture for a very specific reason...

I was at a conference yesterday. Luca slept like crap the night before, and thus so did I. I woke up late in the morning, with no time to shower. So, I decided to wear this lovely headband I have to cover the heaad grease. Said headband was black and white, so I needed the outfit to be black and white as well. This shirt IS maternity, I'll say that now. But it was also the only black shirt I had that was clean. So, on it went.

Fast forward to that morning. I am standing by the table I am staffing, and this woman I know comes over to say hi. I ask how she is, and she says fine. She asks how I am, then looks at my belly, points and says, "Are you....?". I know exactly what she is asking, so before she humiliates me further by getting out the word 'pregnant', I cut in with, "No, no, no!" and a nervous laugh. She smiles and says, "Oh, takes a while to get your body back after baby."


Of course, I laughed it off, but the second she walked away, I took off to check myself out in the full length mirror in the restroom. But, you know, even if it's not intentional, you know you suck your belly in when looking in those damn mirrors. So I needed something else to look at to see if maybe I DID look pregnant. I snapped the picture when I got home, and wanted your opinions:

1) Could that belly be mistook for a pregnant belly?
2) If you knew someone who looked like that in what they were wearing, would you ASK if they were pregnant?

Go honest. And...if you have a similar story, I'd love to hear it.


natalie said...

Ummm, no you do not look pregnant, Katie! Honestly, people should never, and I mean NEVER, even guess if a woman is pregnant. And, with the styles of the day - everyone who wears those lose shirts that are gathered at the top (you know the ones I speak of), they all look pregnant to me. You look great - you need to give yourself some credit. Whatever. People suck.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope I didn't say something stupid earlier.... or I'd feel like an ass. Anyway, completely honestly NO YOU DO NOT look pregnant!!! You need to see MY fat gut! I am waiting for someone to ask when I'm due so I can tell them my prepared answer of "due to.... start hitting the gym?" While I go away and cry. You look GREAT and I would NEVER EVER EVER ask someone if they were pregnant because *I* know better. :)

Anne said...

Your boobs are out further than your belly, wtf?

I can't see the front of the shirt... maybe if it's an empire cut, she mistook it for a maternity shirt.

Anonymous said...

Who was this woman? Do I know her? Call me and tell me.

NO you do not look pregnant!


Mere said...

Is Emily THE Anon???

No no my friend. No you don't not look pregnant


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