Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday 13 #7

13 Things I Was Doing This Time Last Year:

1. Waiting to go into labor. Duh. My due date was May 6 according to my calcualtions, May 8 according to the Dr's. I was not one of those pregnant women who was eager to get it over with. In fact, I really enjoyed pregnancy. BUT, I was getting anxious because one other thing I was doing was...

2. ...prepping for Darrick to graduate! He got his Bachelors on May 11th. So you can see why I was getting anxious by May 1st last year...all I kept seeing was a mental picture of my VERY pregnant self walking down the steps at the crowded ASU graduation and my water breaking EVERYWHERE. Or, me being in the hospital mid-delivery right when Darrick was supposed to be walking. Thank goodness it all worked out!

3. Going into Last Minute Purchase mode. This is where soon-to-be parents have everything they need, and then some, but run about buying random crap just because maybe they need it or it looks cool. Hotsling we never used b/c it was a scratchy fabric? Check. Yet another package of onesies? Check. A second diaper bag, more crib sheets, and a few rattles? Check, check, check.

4. Checking for signs of labor. Everyone told me all the things I should look for...and none of them appeared until the night I actually went into labor. Even my water didn't break until 8 cm.

5. Trying desperately to FOCUS at work and get loose ends tied up.

6. Daydreaming about maternity leave.

7. Worrying about how we would afford maternity leave.

8. Washing baby clothes and car seat fabrics and bassinets and blankets and more.

9. Going out on long walks every night, and then envisioning how the scenario would play out if I went into labor on some random street in my neighborhood and had to call for help.

10. Bouncing on the yoga ball. And bouncing. And more bouncing. The yoga ball bouncing helps move the baby down and into the right position. Plus, it's comfy.

11. Wondering if Luca would end up being Luca or if we'd change our minds last minute. Also wondering what color hair and eyes she would have. My guesses: brown and green. The realilty: blonde and blue.

12. Eating far more Snickers Blizzards than a normal human being should be allowed to consume.

13. Dreaming of my baby.

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Anne said...

This post has given me serious baby fever. :-)


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