Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My baby is 11 months old.

Just don't try to talk to me about this, because I am likely to have an emotional breakdown. What the hell? Wasn't she JUST born????

Anyhow, it's been another busy month. We went to LA to visit my Grandma. We celebrated my Mom's 65th birthday. We had lots of busy weekends and took tons of walks to enjoy the nice Arizona evenings while they are still here. Soon they will be gone, and opening the front door at night will be akin to opening an oven set on 425 degrees. The only good side to summer approaching so soon is baby swimming pools and swimming suits.

We also celebrated St Patty's Day and Easter, both of which required new outfits.

Now that we have a crawler, she is into everything. She's forever climbing up and down the stairs and climbing on things and petting the dogs's never ending. The plus side is, she sleeps like a champ. And, she's got 2 lower teeth now, so her food choices keep getting more varied. She's almost entirely off purees, since she seems to think those are for BABIES and she's not a BABY so she wants chunks of food. She is also now officially weaned from breastfeeding. It went a lot more quickly and easily than I had anticipated. Part of me misses having that connection to her and that time with her. But I know it was time...her interest was waning fast, and those teeth never made a connection but they sure did threaten to once or twice. I must admit, though, I got an ego check when weaning her. I was pretty worried she'd fight weaning and miss me. Not at all. She adjusted like a champ. I will say, as well, that I do NOT miss pumping. Not one teeny, tiny bit.

In other big Luca news, she has a new favorite word: apple. She says it in her little munchkin voice, and it's so cute I want to wrap that word up and put it in my pocket to save for later. Then, when she's 14 and all angsty, I can pull it out of my pocket, unwrap it, and remember when I used to think her being able to talk was so freaking cute.

So, that's about it in Luca Land for her month 11 update. Next month she will be a year old, and I will either feel immense pride at making it that far or I will lock myself in the bathroom every evening for a week straight, crying and lamenting over my baby growing up.


Anonymous said...

Such a beauty! Love the pics!

Anne said...

Awww.. cute pictures. Amen to pumping. I don't miss that at all. You are lucky about the teeth. Mine got his first tooth at 4 months and had 6 by the time he was almost 6 months. He would bite so hard that I would bleed and just didn't understand NO.


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