Thursday, September 27, 2007


I've noticed something over the years. You can categorize people into two main groups: The Watchers and Those Who Did Not Watch. We're talking about Seinfeld here, people. Keep up.

Of these groups, I fall into the latter.

This can be problematic. Because, you see, The Watchers are BIG fans of Seinfeld references. They integrate them into their daily lives. You can pick these people out quite easily. They are the ones you overhear in line at Starbucks saying, "It wasn't a pick!" or "No soup for you!". They begin sentences with "Remember the time Kramer...." and have the show as a MySpace friend.

By the way, if this last one applies to you, you should just go ahead and back out of this blog right now.

So where does that leave us, Those Who Did Not Watch? Well, my friends, it leaves us in the cold (and this is where The Watchers remember the episode where the fat, short guy gets caught with a small weenie post swim...).

It happens like this: You (a Those Who Did Not Watch - or TWDNW) are talking to someone at work (a Watcher, unbeknownst to you), when suddenly, said Watcher throws in a Seinfeld reference, and you're left to blink slowly at them because you clearly do not comprehend the code in which they speak.


:::someone sneezes::::

TWDNW: "Bless you!"
Watcher: "Why do we say bless you? We should say 'You're Beautiful!'."
TWDNW: ::blink blink::
Watcher: "Didn't you ever see that episode of Seinfeld where..."
TWDNW (cutting off Watcher): "I didn't watch Seinfeld."
Watcher: "Oooohhhhhh....really? Why not? It's only the greatest show in history! I mean, what about the time Jerry -"
TWDNW: "Uh, I hated that show. Sorry."

And so it goes.

I'm sure you've guessed by now, but I am not a Watcher. I am one of TWDNW. If I had to guess based on my experiences, this makes me a rare breed. In fact, in just about every significant adult relationship I have had (co-worker, friend, etc.), this conversation has manifested itself in one way or another at least once. It's like a rite of passage in my adult relationships. Once we have that conversation, we can talk about pretty much anything, because my big, bad, dirty secret is out in the open.

I was one of Those Who Did Not Watch. So, no, I do NOT remember the time that Elaine....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just For Kicks and Puppy Love (2 posts in 1)

So, the other day, our little family was just hanging out (ok, Darrick was trying to nap, but Luca and I weren't letting him). Luca was wearing this super cute dress and being very playful and happy, and the light was so great, and I thought it was a picture perfect moment. I started snapping pictures of her with Darrick, and these are a few I came out with:

Anyhow, as I was shooting these, I realized I've done this before! So, just for kicks, I thought I'd share the pictures we took the day we came home from the hospital. It's amazing to see how she's grown so much already....

I also thought I'd share more 'My baby loves my dogs and they love her' pictures. This is me breaking all the rules by letting Luca sleep (a) on the couch, (b) laying on her Boppy, and (c) next to the dog. And that last picture is Pig sitting guard between Luca (on the playmat) and the front door):


Me: "I'd like a grande Lite Blueberries and Cream Frappucino."
Starf*cker: "A blueberries and cream lite frappucino grande?"


(See below if you're currenlty confused. And from now on, pay attention.)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Being 4 months old is tough!

4 Months Already!!!!
Luca had her 4 month appointment yesterday, and the poor girl had a cold when we went in. So, to add insult to injury, she got 4 vaccines and had her ears cleaned out. Needless to say, she wasn't SUPER amused with the process, but little trooper that she is, she slept it off and was in a good mood the rest of the day.

Chillin' after the vaccines and Baby Tylenol kicked in.

Anyhow, she's still small (11.4 pounds), but doing so well on her milestones that her Dr is not at all worried about that. So, I thought I'd share some pictures highlighting her milestones. I think once you review them, you will agreee we are raising a genius.

Here is Luca, sitting up and explaining to Daddy that crabs are cold water invertebrates AND make a delicious rattle/chew toy.

If she looks confused, it's only because the duck isn't wearing any pants.

She's already breezing through books, such as the Classic 'Touch and Feel Farm'.

Yes, the toy is the size of her head, but that won't stop her from holding it.

Luca and Piggy: BFFs

There's no denying it....what Piggy wants, Piggy gets. And Piggy wants everyone, large and small, to love her. In an effort to make Luca love her, she has taken to following us wherever we go, just in case Luca might possibly reach out and touch her. By the way, the face in the last picture there is the same one she makes when we try to kiss her cheek.

Two smiling, happy girls!

Luca just wanted to show Piggy her cool wrist rattles.....

...but Pig had other ideas.

Luca and Melody...friends before they were born!

Our friends Kristin and Jeremy had a baby about 3 months before Luca was born. The beautiful Melody Eileen is quite the charmer with all that hair and those big, beautiful eyes! They knew each other before they were even born (why do I get the feeling they'll be tired of hearing THAT someday?). Proof of this can be seen below:

Kristin and Katie: This was on New Year's Eve 2006. Kristin was due almost exactly a month after this, and I was due in May.

And here I am, about 7 months pregnant, babysitting a 2 week old Melody. Excuse my look...I was too busy creating life to bother with looking presentable (hahaha).

Anyhow, that was then. And this is now! We were lucky to be entrusted with watching Melody so her parents could get out for the night, and we had so much fun. It was great because it happened to coincide with Luca's discovery that other kids are super fun to stare at and touch. And, by the by, it was just coincidence that they ended up color coordinated. Not only is Kristin a great friend, but she clearly has impeccable choice in clothing, if you ask me!

First Melody noticed Luca and reached out to her.

Initally Luca was not sure how she felt about the whole thing.

So, she reached out and gave Melody's tummy a little poke.

Turns out....she decided this was fun!

I fully plan on torturing them with these pictures when they are both 15 and SO embarrased by their parents!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Rolling with the homies....

It's official: my baby rolls.

She rolled from her tummy to her back a little over a week ago, but I sort of thought it might be a fluke. Like maybe she was unstable propped on her belly and rolled on accident because she was off-balance. But, the other day she was on her playmat and reached over her body with her right arm for a ring toy that was attached to the mat. She grabbed the toy, and pulled herself over from her back to her tummy.

Clearly, she's a genius.

And, anyone who gets the movie reference in the post title is my hero.


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