Thursday, April 17, 2008

POP mothereffin' quiz.

Which one of these lovely torsos is that of a pregnant woman? (hint: the correct answer may be more than one)





And, NO....this is NOT a pregnancy announcement.


Lindsey J said...

well then what the hell is it? I say all of them are. the first chick is obviously fat so you would think she's not - but she is. second one - obvious. third -why else would anyone take this picture. the last one is just disgusting. Whats her name, Lassie? when i'm president, i'm banning mulitiple births. twins is fine - any more than that, sorry.

Anonymous said...

I was seriously all studying the pictures... hmm.. that first one I'm not sure... ok the second and third and OH MY GAWD WHAT IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!! LOL So there's a quick recap of what happened 10 seconds after my heart was touched by beautiful baby and dad pictures. It was shocked back to a freakish reality!

Laura said...

Torso D is disturbing on many levels. You do not look pregnant at all. It's the shirt. I know this is a maternity shirt, but why do they make non-maternity shirts like that anyway? And why would anyone ask if you are pregnant??? Never ask. Just not appropriate.


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