Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blog Love.

Ok, I have fallen in love with two blogs I found through happenstance. I got an email at work which lead me to the blog Orange Salad, which then lead me to SweetSalty. And there I found this post.

I'll be wasting numerous hours where I could be sleeping or working on those thank you cards for Luca's birthday gifts which are now weeks overdue reading these blogs.


sweetsalty kate said...

That's so kind, you're sweet. And you reminded me that I said I'd vote for Barack Obama in 2006. Which pretty much makes me feel like a psychic. Which is cool because I need another income stream.

Thanks again for the link and lovely thoughts! Happy summer...

Dani said...

hey. i followed a link from my site reader here and thought i'd stop by to see...and i see that you like my blog! thanks for stopping by! i love new readers! and i can't wait to check your blog out too.


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