Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baby Clothes.

I went through a basket of baby clothes that's been staring at me from by the coat closet I divided things into a few piles:

1. Trash: stuff stained, torn, or too worn to even donate
2. Boy clothes: donating to our neighbor who is 19, living at home, and due any time now with her first baby, a son.
3. Girl clothes, sizes 2T+: for Luca's BFF Madison
4. Girl clothes for Vivienne (Luca's cousin, born in May)
5. Girl clothes for Jules (Luca's other cousin, born in February)
6. Donate: Stuff that just plain isn't cute enough to pass onto family or friends, but is still in good shape

All told, we ended up with:

6 items to trash
31 boy items to donate
8 2T+ girl items for Madison
70 girl items for the cousins
6 items to donate

I also found another small stash of maternity clothes to pass onto a friend hoping to get pregnant soon, so that was 12 more items.

Big weekend for YAWYK! Coincidentally, Tabitha has a post today on YAWYK's blog about deciding which items you should hold onto for the 'just in case' baby pile. I have to say I agree with her list, except that I think after baby #1 is a good time to weed out the things you found totally useless the first time around. I wish we'd done that sooner with our glider and ottoman, which ended up just taking up space for months on end. Lesson learned: if it's something baby #1 didn't like but baby #2 may like, go ahead and hang onto the big ticket items. But if it's something YOU didn't like the first time, chances are you won't like it the second time either. Same goes for clothes you didn't like on baby, maternity items you never wanted to wear because the fit was funny or they itched or whatever, etc.

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Tabitha said...

I totally agree with you! Babies can be different in their likes/dislikes... but YOU typically don't change. :o)

Great minds, Katie, great minds!


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