Saturday, April 19, 2008

Going cloth.

Before we ever had a baby, we knew we wanted to use cloth diapers. Over time they are cheaper than disposables, they don't end up in a landfill, they're super cute, and I like the idea of a chemical-free diaper next to the baby's netherlands.

Well....then I had a baby. And, I was broke. And tired. And stressed over things like breastfeeding and weight gain issues (hers) and weight loss issues (mine), so I just never got around to buying cloth. It's been nagging at me here and there, but when you add in the fact that Luca is in daycare 3-5 days a week and I am not sure how our provider feels about cloth diapers, I didn't want to even MESS with them.

Last week, I decided to just do it. I researched diapers and found some that are One Size, so they grow with baby from 8-35 pounds. Given that Luca is almost 1 and still under 17 pounds, I figure these will take us well into her teens. ;) They are BumGenius 3.0, and we ordered 6 of them to give them a try. They're pocket diapers, which means the diaper has a pouch inside, into which you slide a 'soaker' of varying thicknesses and materials, based on baby's needs. The BG 3.0 comes with a 'newborn' insert and a regular one...which is great b/c if baby is wearing it overnight, you can double up the regular and the newborn for more protection. And...they are fully adjustable and washable. And you can tumble dry them in the dryer or hang them out to line dry. Here's the selection I ordered:

In addition, I also got some Kissaluvs contours, which are these insanely soft cloth diapers which you have to put a cover over. So, then I got a cute cute cute cover for those:

All in all, I'm really excited to start making the switch. They came in last night, and we couldn't wait to try them out. I washed them (ran through once on a cold cycle, with detergent and then an extra rinse, then ran them through another rinse without detergent) and hung them around the house to dry. This morning, she wore her first one. The verdict: they're fabulous thus far!!! She had a wet diaper,and I didn't even know it was wet...there was no odor and it felt dry to the touch. YAY!!!

I'll update more on this as we go along. I went online last night and ordered more, from Blueberry Diapers, since they were having a really fabulous half-off sale on several styles. I'm excited to get those in the mail and see how they compare.


Lindsey J said...

So weird! I was just putting Em's diaper on and thought "I wonder if Katie gave up on the idea". Yay - welcome aboard! My friend uses Bum Genius and loves them!

Tabitha said...

Those BG's are so cute! I am still in the air on my FB's... they are cute and all... but I need better inserts for overnight. Doubled up FB's are crazy thick!

But... 48 hours... and we are still doing ok!

Kim said...

Congrats on making the switch! I love cloth!


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