Saturday, January 26, 2008

For Kellie.

Kellie tagged me on her blog. Remind me to thank her later. :)

The rules are as follows:

1. Link to the person’s blog who tagged you.
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.
4. Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting on comment on their blog.

So, here we go:

First off, this post is thanks to Kellie, who is linked in the right-hand column. However, I misspelled her name and I notice it every time I log on here, but I am too damn lazy to fix it.

Seven Random and/or Weird Facts About Me:

1. I love my job, but I sometimes secretly dream of being a personal assistant so I can spend my days answering emails and running errands. Now, I realize this is probably NOT how most personal assistants spend their time, but in my imagination it is.

2. My co-worker refers to me as "The Human iPod". Although it's rare that I know the name of a song, I know all the words to many. It's not exclusive to one genre either. I know oldies. I know classic rock. I know 60s, 80s, 90s, and even a few depression-era political jingles. You hum a tune, I can sing the words. And I can think of a song for pretty much any person, place, or situation. Just ask my brother in law's girlfriend K-Lee.

3. I have only been skiing once, and I ended up being taken down the mountain by ski patrol. There's not even a really impressive wipe-out story to go with it, though. What happened was my brother in law and his ex wife and her family had plans to go skiing, and they invited us. We were feeling adventurous, and Darrick's always wanted to try skiing, so we agreed. I figured I'd get some time in on the bunny slopes and then sit in a lodge drinking hot chocolate. Instead, I was strapped into my skis and taken up to a blue run. Blue being TWO steps above bunny and ONE below black. I knew I was in trouble when I completely ate it getting off the lift and had to be helped up by two people. But I imagined myself slowly picking my way down the hill in a zig-zag pattern and then feeling smug for my accomplishment. And the prospect of that hot chocolate I mentioned earlier sucked me in. Until I started down the hill, falling approximately every 3.4 seconds, and stopped at the top of a steep incline. Which was where I lost it. I couldn't move because I was so scared of tumbling straight down the mountain. So, I stood there and cried, as my husband (who was also skiing for the first time) zipped past me. Eventually, my sister in law went down and came back up with the ski patrol, who strapped me into the tabogan thing and brought me down the hill. NOT my proudest moment. I made up for it by going down the green hill (bunny slopes were closed) a few times and eating more snow than I could have imagined. Oh, and, even on the green hill, I still got passed up by more 5 year olds on snowboards than I'd care to admit.

4. If I'm scared of something and the opportunity presents itself to try that something, I HAVE TO do it.

5. I got stung by a sting ray the first time I went to Rocky Point. I was playing frisbee in the ocean with my husband and his brother, and I landed on a little guy. Let me tell you: that HURTS. I ended up getting carried upshore by my husband and taken to Red Cross (in Mexico! SCARY!) to get some medication that counterracted the posion. And I spent the next 2 weeks with a swollen ankle and a limp. Steve Irwin and I: sting ray victims united as one. Or. Not.

6. I have an innate ability to spell. I won the spelling bee in 3rd grade. And when people misspell common words or misuse punctuation, especially apostrophes and quotation marks. Is it really the best seafood in town, or merely the "best" seafood in town. And, no, I don't know any kid's who are allergic to there favorite foods, thanksomuch.

7. I have trouble trusting women who say "I just don't get along with other women." I think relationships with other women are the best thing in the world, and that we women are so damn amazing and strong and diverse and interesting that it's a shame when someone misses out on those friendships. We women are fabulous, and I wish more of us could support and encourage each other instead of feeling threatened by other women. Now, that's not to say that when an insanely hot woman walks by I don't ever think "I hate her for being so effortlessly perfect."...I AM still a girl! But I hope that when Luca grows up she has some wonderful female friends to share her life with.

Ok, now to 'tag' people. I'm not sure who reads this regularly, but I'm going to take those who I think do. Here we go:
1. Meredyth
2. Crystal
3. Kari
4. Suzie
5. Nisha
6. Natalie
7. Brandi

Some of you bitches ('re not're lovely) have been tagged by Kellie already, so get on it!


Kellie said...

Sorry, I swear I'm not going to tag you again! Good post though, love the ski story. That is exactly why I don't ski.

Dear Diary... said...

What am I supposed to do!??!?! :(

Dear Diary... said...

Ok, scratch that last comment, I see what I have to do now!! DOOOH!!!

cupcake monkey said...

Yikes! Okay..I will. And Kellie, you too!! So do I do it twice? Just once? One makes sense, right? :D

Anne said...

LOL at your skiing story. My mom actually went back down the chair lift one year.


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