Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's time for a haircut.

And how do I know this?

I know this because, for about 3 weeks now, I keep getting headaches at work. And then I realized, it happens when I have my hair up. So, I take my hair down, and the headache goes away.

Yes, people, my hair has become so heavy that it gives me a headache. NOT cool.

I guess it's the end of the era of long hippie hair. Now the question is...what to do???


Anonymous said...

You have a nicely shaped face, so I think just about any haircut would look great on you. A "bob" style cut, for lack of better term (like what I have) would be flattering on you. It's easy to maintain if you get it done right, just wash and go or sometimes blow dry if you want it to be fluffy!

Mere said...

how terrible to have thick heavy glorious hair and not damaged, cracked, fine shit ball hair.

i kid.

Cut it ALL off. Your hair grows fast. So something totally different. A 'bob' cut as this jennifer has suggested.

Brandi said...

I still vote for the mullet.

Crystal said...

So - have you cut your hair yet or not? I know I'm not the only person waiting on pins and needles for an update!

Troy and Jessica said...

I literally feel your pain. This happens to me occasionally and all I can bring myself to do is chop off 3 or 4 inches so it doesn't hurt anymore, but I can't ever try something new because I'm a wuss.


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