Friday, July 4, 2008


Note: This was written on July 4th. Along with a few other posts, I wrote it and saved without publishing until I was ready to make it public.

Back in May, I decided to have my IUD removed because Darrick and I knew we wanted to try for a baby again soon. We want at least 2, and we didn't see a point in waiting too long to start trying again.

Well....turns out we didn't have to. I took a pregnancy test this morning, and HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY TO US! Those two little lines came right up in the window before a minute had even passed.

It's weird, finding out you're expecting baby #2. It's surreal and exciting and sort of scary as hell, but in an entirely different way than last time was. It's more scary in the 'How will we deal with two kids on two different schedules...2 carseats...a double stroller...two kids in diapers at once? I know we can handle it, and if we're anywhere near as lucky this time around as we were with Luca, we'll have another super kid to work with. But it's still scary and kind of overwhelming.

It wasn't really, however, much of a surprise. Not only am I apparently one of the most fertile women ever, but I knew about when I *could* get pregnant, and I was more in tune with the signs this time around. I felt implantation pain, and 'knew' it was that instead of just wondering why the hell it hurt so bad. I noticed a slight increase in fatigue over the past few days, as well as that sour belly I had all first trimester with Luca. But the thing that cinched it was when I woke this morning feeling overwhelmingly nauseous. I looked over at Darrick (who knew I kind of suspected something) and asked what I should do. "Take a test." he said.

Sure. Except I had woken hours earlier to pee, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to pee enough to take the test. Regardless, I went into the bathroom, unwrapped the EPT, and copped a squat on the pot. Holding the test in it's spot, I sat there, and nothing happened. Then, from the bedroom, chanting "Take the test! Take the test!"

And just like that, the pee came out and the test was done. I sat on the bed while Darrick went to read the instructions and see how long it would be until we had our answer. Before he could figure that out, though, he looked down and saw, clear as day, 2 pink lines.

And so, another adventure begins!


Freemad said...


Congratulations to the both of you! I'm very excited for you!

Brandi said...

OMG, I think you're right about a 2nd baby. It seems to be a totally different situation than first baby. I think you'll do great! I'm so happy for you. :)


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