Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday 13, #8

13 Phrases or Words I Over-Use (stolen from Jennifer):

1. "Dude." Yep, I'm a guy from the 80s apparently, because I say Dude ALL the time. I call girls dude. I call guys dude. I call my baby dude. I use dude as a statement, a question, a comment, and an exclamation.

2. "Sure thing." I find myself saying this a lot in response to a thanks for something I should have done anyhow. Example: I hand my boss 6 weeks of overdue time sheets, and when she thanks me I say, "Sure thing!"

3. "No problem." Because, really, I HATE for people to think anything they are asking of me is a problem. This is a sure sign of an annoying people pleaser: the excessive use of the phrase 'No problem', most notedly when something really IS sort of a problem, but I refuse to say so.

4. "Keep me posted." It's sort of my all-encompassing "I care about what you're sharing, but I don't really know what to say now, so please just keep me up to date on the happenings." statement.

5. "I got nothin'." Meaning...yeah...seriously...I got nothin'.

6. "I kid! I kid!" I'm a sarcastic hooker. I love the sarcasm. Sarcasm makes the world go 'round. It drives my husband nuts...the level of sarcasm occuring when my whole family gets together. But what I DO NOT love is people taking my sarcasm wrong and thinking me mean. Hence, the phrase "I kid! I kid!" came to rest in my vocabulary.

7. "Hang in there." I say this in all sad/bad/difficult situations. It's so meaningless, but I mean it to be meaningful. Yeah.

8. "Some day, a BIG IRISHMAN will kick your ass. And then you'll be sorry." This one is reserved for my husband. It's nonsense, but it's funny nonsense, and it cracks me up to say it to him when he's being purposely annoying.

9. "I don't care. Where/whatever you want." Being the Queen of Indecision means I say this a lot. A LOT.

10. "The other day Luca..." fill in the blank. Yep, I am officially that ANNOYING mom who thinks everyone in the WORLD is just DYING to hear all about how Luca ate cake/figured out how to blow raspberries/body surfed down the stairs feet first.


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