Monday, May 26, 2008

Operation Stop With The Bop, Part 3

Outcome: More Fabulous than Fair to Middlin'

Yesterday was a fun day, and a pretty successful one in terms of Bop weaning. We started the morning out with breakfast and grocery shopping (a weekend ritual of sorts). Little Lu made it through all that driving and eating and cart pushing without so much as a tantrum...and no Bop! When we got home from shopping, she was half asleep, so I took her to her crib, and there she was reunited with the love of her life, and the two slept together quite well. Someday that Bop will come OUT of the crib, but for now we're willing to compromise.

Early in the afternoon, Luca's Uncle and Aunt came over to BBQ and hang out with us (in other words, to see Luca), and she made it through the entire afternoon of playing and showing off her Baby Tricks without any assistance of The Bop. Naptime found them reunited once more, but post-nap we left it in the crib again and she did fabulously. So, it would seem we're at a point now where it's getting easier to only give The Bop in bed, which works for us. Truth be told, most of the time the stupid thing falls out of her mouth as soon as she falls asleep, so I figure there's not a lot of harm in her having one in there for now.

It wasn't ALL fun and games, though. It should be noted that I learned a little lesson about discretion in the morning, when I took her out of the crib and just sort of tossed The Bop back in while she watched. Yeah.....that threw her over the edge, and she spent the next 30 minutes or so whining and fussing and just generally being pissed at me. Lesson Learned: be a bit more sneaky about dropping The Bop.

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