Thursday, May 22, 2008

Celebrity Look-Alikes.

I think everyone has a celebrity twin (or more!), so I want to dedicate a post to these doppelgangers. Here's the scoop: simply send me a picture of you and tell me who your twins are, and I'll add them here. I encourage you to share one 'good' twin and one 'evil' twin, as we all know the 'evil' one is funnier anyhow. We'll start with mine:

Hurley from Lost (according to me), Liv Tyler (according to Rachel, who I now love forever and ever amen), and Khloe Kardashian (Suuuuzie!). The last picture is me.

And Meredyth's:
American Gothic (according to her), Anna Kourniwhatever (according to some dude in a bar, if I remember correctly), and Melinda from Real World (Linds and I think so). The last picture is Meredyth.

EDIT: Meredyth would also like for me to note that she looks like Wiley Wiggins from Dazed and Confused (he played Mitch):

Go ahead!!! Be brave and send me your picture, then tell me who you think you look like. I'll add a picture or two and we'll see what people think.


Mere said...

The American Gothic one kills me - Also....where is the last scene from Dazed 'n Confused?? I totally look like that kid.

This is the greatest blog entry ever. It is soooo funny

Mere said...

Dude - I look like that fucking guy from D&C the sad

Lindsey J said...

seriously mere! you look exactly like melinda!

help me - i don't know mine....


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