Saturday, May 10, 2008

Boy jammies.

In the warmer months (please note, non-Zonies, that 8 months of the year qaulify as 'warmer' in Arizona), we turn our AC down pretty low at night. I have to sleep with a blanket, so as a result I have to make the house cold to sleep. In addition, I've read several times that cold temperatures help prevent SIDS in babies. Now, Luca is outside of the SIDS 'danger zone', but kids can die of SIDS over the age of 1, and you KNOW my ass isn't taking any chances.

So, this leads me to jammies. Luca's room gets colder than any other in the house when the AC is on, so we like her in footed jammies, since a blanket is still not recommended at her age. The problem is, Luca is pretty tall and thin for her age. So, while her 6 month jammies still fit, they aren't long enough and her little legs get all crunched up in them.

We set out a few weeks ago to find some new footed jammies. Would you believe that finding any in 12-18 month size is damn near impossible?!?! The ones I DID find were $25 a piece. *I* don't own $25 jammie, so you can bet my baby won't be owning any either. So we decided to get creative and start looking at the 9 month ones, in hopes of finding some long ones that would work.

We did. Or, rather, Darrick did. And, you know, he asked me first if I cared that they are 'probably for boys', and I said 'Nah, she's just sleeping in them. It doesn't matter what they look like!'

Please note, they are not only red and blue, but they have a dog on the front, and say 'Big Dogs Football'. Yeah.

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