Wednesday, June 16, 2010

15 and 3

We took the kids to the pediatrician this morning. Luca was due for her 3 year appointment and Rohan needed to go in to have a few vaccines done. Because of his masto and our change of insurance a few months back, he's on a delayed vaccine schedule. So we made the appointments together and headed over first thing.

First, the facts:

Luca: 38-ish inches tall (70th%) and 30 pounds clothed (50th%)
Rohan: 33 inches tall (95th+%) and 28 pounds clothed (90th%)

Yes, my kids are within 2 pounds of each other at 2 years apart. Before we know it he's going to outweigh her, and soon enough he may be taller as well. Maybe we need to have a 3rd so poor Luca isn't the littlest sprout in the Kahle garden? She keeps telling us, "When I get bigger I can carry Rohan like he's MY baby!" and we just smile and say, "Won't that be fabulous???" because we haven't the heart to inform her he hasn't been small enough for her to carry since the days when she was too small to carry him.
Other than their weights, both had Hep A shots and pneumo shots. In addition, our Pedi's office is now testing for TB at 12 and 36 months, but the test wasn't done for Rohan last time he was in at 12 months, so both kids had it done this time. It was a simple procedure but evidently pretty painful as they both cried quite a bit. Luca is rather proud of the pain she endured though, having gone to bed tonight with her round bandages still on her arms despite the fact the 'bleeding' lasted a mere 10 seconds or less.

Both kids are on target, with Luca a bit ahead in language and Rohan a bit ahead in fine and gross motor. His language, much like his sister's did at 15 months or so, has really picked up the past few weeks. His words include:

Hi (first sentence was "Hi Dada!")
Nana (banana)
Laura (our amazing in-home daycare provider who Rohan adores)
Gamma (grandma)
Didter (my mom swears he says this at her house to refer to Luca)

He's walking, running, climbing, putting things on and taking them off (sandals, mostly), mimicking our sounds and actions, playing with toys, throwing, hitting (ugh), smiling at us for a reaction, giving kisses on command, throwing tantrums (seriously, this is early isn't it?), watching us do things and then repeating the same action, hugging, doing 'tickle fingers' (chases Luca around while moving his fingers and making the noise we make when we tickle him). He still LOVES water and can't wait for bath time. If one of us tries to bathe without him, he comes up, pulls back the shower curtain, and leans in as far as he can so the spray hits him and wets his head and shoulders. He feeds himself and tries to use a fork. He drinks from a straw. He loves pretty much all food, and when he's hungry he goes the the fridge, grabs both handles, and hangs from them begging for a snack. He's a charmer and a flirt and still very tactile and affectionate. The past two or three weeks he's been very attached to his Mama, and whenever I am around he wants me to hold him and kiss him. He will stand in front of me, clinging to my legs saying, "Up.", and when I lift him onto my hip he leans forward, brings his face close to look at me, smiles, and gives me a kiss. And he adores...loves...thinks the sun rises and sets for his big sister.

Luca is walking, running, hopping, and trying to skip. She climbs and dances and sings. She has an amazing memory and knows the ABCs well, but we're working still on letter identification with her. She counts to 20 easily. She recites songs and poems and nursery rhymes from memory. She makes up her own words, then makes up rhymes to them, "Figmel...pigmel...bigmel...". She has a vivid imagination and often takes us on journeys through the stories and pictures in her mind. She remembers people easily and enjoys being around them, but is shy and reserved when first meeting someone. She is generally quiet unless she is excited or angry. She has learned the pleasure of rolling the words, "No." and "Why?" and "I don't want to" and "I can do it myself" around in her mouth like sweet candy before spitting them out by our feet 4700 times a day (give or take a few). She likes to pick her own clothes and typically prefers dresses. She likes 'pretties' for her hair, but doesn't like having her hair done unless she's bribed. She loves playing outside and still asks almost daily when Piggy will be 'done in her hole and back out so we can play.' She is very aware lately of her power over adults, and has also learned some impressive words for a 3 year old which she can usually even use in context.

The other day we had to run an errand and she put a big toy ring on before we left. As we drove she said to me, "Oh mama, everyone at the store is going to love my beautiful ring. And they will all be curious about it." When we got to the store, she showed it to the girl at the register and said, "I thought you might like my ring."


I say it all the time but these two are such a joy to have in our world. They are bright and blonde and funny and smart. The give the best hugs and sweetest kisses. They dance together and hug together and argue over toys and jump on the bed together. They are healthy. And happy. And so are we.

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