Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pancake Party.

When my good friend (and a talented photographer) Adrian announced that she had a sudden opening in her fall schedule, I snapped it up. I knew it was a good decision when she asked if we could step outside of the box a bit and do something fun and casual.

Her idea was inspired by this amazing photo slideshow, and I felt so honored that she wanted my family to do this kind of shoot with her. I also realized what a genius she is, since my kids are not exactly the types to sit still and smile for posed photos. And while I admire a good posed photoshoot, it's not really 'us' either.

So on Saturday before the sun had fully raised its sleepy face to start the day, Adrian was at our house ready to shoot. After spending some time getting Luca and Rohan warmed up, we went outside and did what we enjoy most on the weekends. We laughed and played, hiding under our huge mesquite tree and swinging and sliding and running and laughing. When our noses were cold and our tummies were hungry, we went inside and made pancakes which were dressed up like dessert. And then we headed back out to enjoy a bit more sunshine and cuddles, sinking into the weekend.

A HUGE thanks goes out to Adrian at Canyon Photography for this sneak peek, for the amazing shots to come, and for spending a weekend morning capturing the loves of my life in all their beauty. I can't wait to see in pictures what I feel every day in my heart.

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