Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Just try not to swoon over these pictures from Canyon Photography. We did our photo shoot in May, but thanks to a sad-sack clingy Luca we didn't get a lot of the smiling and personality-filled pictures we'd hoped for. So Adrian kindly agreed to brave 108 degree temperatures and do a few more shots in her backyard. And boy am I glad we did them, because they gave me these:

We got lucky and Luca let her true personality shine after warming up to Adrian a bit. Sadly, Rohan had skipped his afternoon nap and the heat was making his masto act up a bit, so he was off for this shoot. Lucky us, Adrian is AMAZING and managed to capture both kids in a way that managed to make Rohan look like a happy little charmer....which he usually is. Poor dude was so tired and overheated that he spit up (one of his masto reaction signs) as we were leaving, and then was asleep before we were even out of Adrian's neighborhood.

And on another picture note, my in-laws are planning a big family photo shoot for July 10th....which gives me a new mini-goal weight loss date. I've lost 2.8% of my body weight in the past 8 weeks, so my goal for the next 2.5 weeks is to get to 5% lost. Wish me luck!!

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Freemad said...

Those are AMAZING pictures!!! I love the black and white of Luca!


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