Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yeah. This.

I was looking at this series of pictures last night:

And I just felt one thing: Happy.

Ok, and another thing: Lucky.

And I thought about this: years ago when I was young(er), I would have cringed to see these pictures, with smeary half-there make-up, crinkles around my eyes, greasy hair, and Sammy Hagar apparently having decided to take up permanent residence on my jawline and subletting some real estate on my chin to his friend Eddie. I would have obsessed over my weirdly-short nose or my Leno-like chin or those eyebrows that are so desperately in need of a wax, having not been waxed since I was still a mother to one. (Did I seriously just admit it's been over 15 months since my last brow wax??)

But now? Eh. I've got bigger fish to fry than worrying about smile lines. And moreso, I've actually come to a place where those smile lines don't bug me, most of the time. Fuck, man...they mean I'm HAPPY! And I'm all about embracing HAPPY and also learning to accept myself and try to see the beauty in things like the extra pounds that pay homage to two pregnancies and the lines that mean I laugh. A lot. And like it always seems to happen in my life, a few of the other blogs I read quite frequently, headed by strong a beautiful women and mothers, seem to be embracing the soft curve of mommyhood, the beauty that exists even when we don't have our 'pretty face' on, and how it is really, truly, perfect ok and wonderful to be happy.

And I agree. With all of them. And as I said when I commented on that last one there, about happiness, "LIFE and LOVE are beautiful, and blessed are those who can see that beauty and focus their time, thoughts, and energies on soaking it up and letting it grow like a seed in sunshine."

Sunshine, from a sun that rises and sets for my husband, my golden-haired children, my life.

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