Monday, November 5, 2007

Some people get Baby Jesus in a potato chip.

Some people get the Virgin Mary, crying tears of ketchup blood on a used napkin.

There was even a sighting of the deceased Pope John Paul in a fire recently. Yup, the dead Pope made of flame, crouched over and waving a blessing.

Being the heathens that we are, we get a bird fetus in Luca's tie-dye onesie. The one I made for her back in the day, when she was the size of a lime in my belly.

I'm thinking we should call The National Enquirer now.


Dear Diary... said...

LMAO!! The sad thing is, I see it too!!

brandieib said...

Damn, I TOTALLY see it, too!!!! Bwahahahaha!

SpazzyJazzy said...

Holy Moly! I see it! I think Luca should be a saint now.
Saint Luca that sounds wonderful.

cody said...

You've been blessed by Big Bird!


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