Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Fahder's Day"

For Father's Day, I had a little conversation with Luca about her Daddy, and thought I'd record her answers for posterity. She is really quite funny, but in addition she has this unadulterated sweet side I just adore in her!

Me: Luca, what is your Daddy's Favorite color?
Luca: All the colors!
Me: But is there maybe one you think he likes most of all?
Luca: Brown and silver and orange.
Me: Ooook. And what about animals? What is his favorite animal?
Luca: Alligators!
Me: And his favorite food?
Luca: Pasta Primavera!
Me: What do you think Daddy wants to be when he grows up?
Luca: A giraffe.
Me: Wow, that's awesome!
Luca: Yeah! And he's gonna be big and have a loooong neck!
Me: What is your favorite thing about your Daddy?
Luca: I think he's pretty special and I love him a lot!

Happy Father's Day, babe!

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