Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Thought I Had More Time.

Scene: In the car, driving to daycare.

Luca: "Hey mama?"
Me: "Yeah baby?"
"Did you know that Rohan has a penis?"
"Yes, I guess I did."
"That's a funny word. Penis."
"I guess it is kind of funny, Lu."
"Penis.....penispenispenis. Penis? Penis. PENIS!"
"Rohan has a penis. And Daddy has a penis. But I don't have a penis. And Mama doesn't have a penis."
"You're right, Luca." :::wonders how many time she can use that word in one 10 minute car ride:::
"We don't. Boys do."
"Well, then what do we have, Luca?"
"We have pee-pees."
:::considers leaving well enough alone, but decides if she knows one she may as well know the other:::
"Yes, but everyone has a pee-pee, Luca. Rohan has a penis, and you have a :::stumbles:::cringes::: vagina."
"Oh! Penis and bagina! Penis and bagina and penis!"
"Well, yes."
"And Mama?"
"Yes, Luca?" :::scared for what is next:::
"Everybody goes pee-pee on the potty and that's ok."
"Darn skippy, Kiddo."


Anonymous said...

OMG!! WOW!! Yea, the title of this post definitely fits.

Sharon said...

I love her. =)

Crystal said...

Remember that scene from "Kindergarten Cop"? Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina.

M is for Miller said...

omg!!!!! please make sure you show her this when she's a bit older!!!! i love her. really. really. love her!

Tabitha said...

Um... I don't know what I would have said... you handled it well. :o) Good Job, Momma!


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