Friday, June 11, 2010

How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

I know it's only June 11, but let us be realistic: this rest of the 'How I Spent...' story will be going like this:

- I worked
- I went home
- I tried not to melt under opressive Arizona heat

Window Seat: Excited to Fly

Cookie Monster at Great Grandma's house.

Talking rocks.

Over the Grapevine and Into the Sunshine.

Hotel beds are seriously fun for jumping and rolling and laughing together.

Purple Mountains.
"Why are those mountains purple, mama?"
"Those are flowers."
(she is everywhere)

"Now's your chance to run around like a wild woman, Luca!"
(3 Year Olds are Very Literal.)

Barefoot and giddy in Central Coast farm land.

Whatever she had, it must have been good.
(Kids quickly learn: Grandmas usually have all the best stuff anyhow.)

Casa de Fruta.

Don't be fooled: this nap lasted less than 15 minutes.
Eyes Like The Seas.
Dear God. Both kids. Together. Standing still. For a picture.
Monterey Bay Aquarium. Fish and Crab.

Eh. He's seen better fish. ::shrug::

Someone should have told the Dude to my right that flashes freak out the fish. Because, you know, there were totally not signs every 4 feet saying such or anything.


Petting Zoo.

Look Up!

Jelly on the Beach.

Beach Babe.

My Beauty, who took to the sands.

Here Comes the Son.


Grandma the Nature Guide.

Cheeks like peaches.
He eats sand.
I kiss his plum lips.
He cannot be far from me on this trip.

Save me, Daddy!

My boy, who only wanted his Mama's arms. He was carried from LA to Monterey to Hollister, Gilroy, and Santa Cruz. Too close wasn't close enough. I protested for show, but everyone knew I didn't mind.Sore back, tired arms, floating heart.

Love from Great Grandma.

If I am very lucky I will live long enough to be kissed by my Great Granddaughter.

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nicolesspirit878 said...

Such great pictures. I love vacation photos they take you right back even years later!


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