Thursday, March 11, 2010

Makin' His Way In The World Today...

Rohan is officially a walker. He's now taking up to 8 steps at a time, looking like a happy drunken Irishman with a brilliant grin and a crooked gait. Mostly he walks from me to Darrick, or Darrick to me, or Luca to one of us. But what inspires him more than anything else to walk? Bananas.

Yes. Tell my kid you have a 'Nana' and he's up and doing the straight-legged-drunken-Mc-walk faster than you could imagine possible.

He's not particularly light on his feet (or...really...he's not particularly light on anything) but he does well for himself.

In addition to walking, he recently acquired the skills necessary to back down the steps instead of trying to faceplant his way down. Lovely, since it now means we don't have to block the staircase with a too-small baby gate, an umbrella stroller upside down, and a giant bean bag. And...yes...I am serious. That is what passed for babyproofing at Casa Muffin Cake for the past 7 months or so.

So it's a whole new (vertical, almost 3 foot tall) world for my boy. And in a week, he'll be 1. And the week after? College.

At least, that is what it feels like from where I sit.

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