Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Was Found Dancin' In the Rain...

I just got the happy chills thanks to my friend Tabitha, whose blog 'Only for a Season' makes me smile all the time! She keeps things real, but she also focuses on the positive, so it was extra special to me that she recognized me for being 'Found Dancing In the Rain'! Thanks, Tabi! And consider yourself caught right back!!!

What the hell am I talking about? I am so glad you asked! You can visit her blog to find out what she means, and then you can enjoy my own contribution to the rain-dance circle of love!

So Tabi has asked me to share 5 things about me that you don't already know (Which, HI!, you must be new here? Because I think I may just be the Queen of Oversharing.) so I'm going to try to list 5 things that are in the spirit of her tag. Here we go!:

1. I've made a mantra of the question, "If you're not doing it already, would you start today?". Life is short, and meant to be lived fully. If you're doing something you hate, try asking this of yourself. And if your answer is something like, "Why, no! If I wasn't aleady drinking 3 raw eggs for breakfast because I once heard that it's good for my hair, I certainly wouldn't start now, given my past experiences with both salmonella and raw egg burps." then by all means QUIT DOING IT! Why do something that makes you unhappy just because "It's what I do" or "It's how it's always been done" or (heaven forbid) "It's what people expect of me"???? What kind of life is that?!?!

2. I'm learning to try to live by the 'Walk Out, Walk On' motto I posted about before. Much like what I was saying above, why live an unhappy life? Why not follow your dreams instead? And even if you like where you are just fine, thankyouverymuch because the view out your window is nice and the people make you smile and the paycheck is good....why stop dreaming there? Why not let your heart wander and your mind follow, and find that thing (those things?) that light up your soul? I admittedly struggle with the 'Walk Out' part. I've cried every single time I've quit a job, even when I was miserable and hated the job. Graduation makes me cry. Friends move and I stalk them via email and Facebook. I am sentimental and I like to hold on, but I think that's ok too. As long as you keep walking toward the next great thing in your life, I think it's ok to hold on to the last!

3. I talk to myself quite a bit. I have pretend conversations wherein I tell that mean lady at the store How I Really Felt when she let her kid shove mine in his rush to grab a candy bar. I hash out conversations I wish I could have with people who are no longer able to have conversations with me, like my Dad and that friend from high school who spiraled down the wrong path and couldn't be saved by my friendship. And often, I work things out through this self-talk to the point where I honestly believe it's spared some of my relationships in life. I lay into Imaginary Husband about how That Was SO Insensitive! and I chastise Invisible Man Who Hurt My Friend for being a dick of the highest order, and then it's out in the universe and I can carry on!

4. I am obsessed with cleaning my ears (and behind them ) with Q-tips. What? They can't ALL be serious things. Maybe someday you'll be glad to know this about me, when you NEED a Q-Tip and don't know where to find one. Hint: in my purse.

5. I have a lot of awesome friends!!!

And, Tabi also asked me to tag someone (ok, she wanted me to tag 3 people, but I'm narrowing it down to 1 beacuse it's either going to be just 1 or like 14) who I have Found Dancing in the Rain! So here you are:

Kellie for this post about Looking Ahead and this post about marriage, for starters. But mostly just for being a bright, joyful, kind spirit!

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Kellie said...

Dear sweet Muffin Cake,
I am not ignoring your post and nomination! Promise! I just have not been home and un-occupied long enough to post a blog. I'm so flattered and I will get to it soon!


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