Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rohan's 1st Birthday Party

His birthday is not until Tuesday, but we had his party yesterday (on my Mom's birthday!). It was a lot of fun having our family and friends over to play in the Arizona sunshine, eat corned beef and cabbage, swing on the swingset, and enjoy waaaay too much cake!

I managed to get through the party planning without getting too sentimental about my baby turning 1, mostly by focusing on streamers! and balloons! and cake! and tablecloths! Distraction is the King of Denial.

Rohan was a little under the weather for his party, so he spent a good chunk of the time hugging up to his Grandmas and Grandpa. He was overwhelmed with the gift opening to the point where he crawled away and tried to sneak out the back door. But the cake? Oh the CAKE he loved.

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