Monday, March 1, 2010

I Petitioned to Skip March.

I cannot believe it's March already, and my baby is turning 1 this month. If I could skip the whole month of March I'd be inclined to because then my baby would stay a baby forever. That is how it works, right?

In addition to Rohan's first birthday, March brings several other b-days, a trip to DC (me), a trip to CA (hubby), a tie dye party, and lots of other things.

So far, March also includes another pound lost. Which means 5 total...which is SO not as fabulous as I'd hoped for but better than nothing. Right? Right? In all candor, however, it's my own damn fault it's not melting away more quickly. I have a real Friday/Saturday problem I need to get under control. I can stay within my points all week, and then Friday comes along and is all, "Hi, look at me and my deliciousness!" and I hog out. SO couterproductive, and I know better. I really do. But I also have a weakness for Mexican food and donuts (hello Friday night and Saturday morning...). And I think it's ok to indulge those weaknesses, but perhaps I need to indulge on Wednesday so that by Sunday morning evidence of said indulgence has had time to go bye-bye.

So, 5 weeks in....5 pounds lost. I didn't meet any of my goals I posted last week, but I'm moving on. One of those goals was to lose 3 pounds from where I was at WI last week, and I lost 2, so I'm calling that a success.

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Blair said...

But still success!! Good work!


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