Saturday, February 27, 2010

Post Script

I'm feeling a little torn about my last entry, mostly because I don't want to come off as out of line. First, because I DO appreciate the concern and curiosity of people who meet my beautiful son. And with a smile like this one, we get a lot of strangers coming over to say hi:

I understand curiosity. I'm not sure I would ask a stranger what is wrong with their child, but I certainly get why someone would wonder.

I also really don't mind answering questions about his disease. But I wish I knew HOW to answer them. In a way that was short, to the point, and un-scary to the uninformed. And at the same time, I wish I never had to answer a single question about it ever again.

And then today, I was reading a friend's blog, and clicked on one of her links. It took me to the blog of a woman who just gave birth to a baby with a cleft palate and lip. And I thought, "Well, fuck. I'm worried about explaining a mark on my son's skin?!?! What the hell is my problem?"

And so, I got over myself. At least for now.

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Foxxy One said...

Please don't apologize. It's not a contest - it's hard to have a child who is different. I was at the masto conference this year and some of the Moms were telling me about having to explain that "no, their child doesn't have chicken pox" and "no, they are not contagious".

I guess your best path is just to be straight forward and honest. Like any disease that shows itself on the outside of our bodies, it's going to draw attention and curiosity. Education is key.

{{{hugs}}} from the Spotted Foxx :)


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