Friday, October 19, 2007

Corn Chips

Piggy's feet smell like corn chips.

I never verbalized that before, really, until my friend Intern Emily and I were talking about it one day. I confessed my love for sniffing Piggy's feet. They stink and yet it's a sweet stink, like how your husband's sweat can smell good to you. Or....not...maybe. I dunno how YOUR husband's sweat smells.

So anyhow, I confessed my love for sniffing her stinky-sweet tootsers, and was trying to explain WHY I so love those footers, but couldn't. The truth was, I knew they smelled like corn chips, but no one wants to be the weirdo who says that out loud, right? You start talking about how you like your dog's corn chip toes and people will wonder if you and said dog have some sort of inapprpriate or at least highly co-dependent relationship.

Fortunately for me, Emily knew. She asked me, 'Do they smell like corn chips?' And this was another reason, on top of the belief that Bashas' is the best grocery chain and McDonald's works some magic that makes their Diet Coke infinitely superior to all other Diet Cokes, why Emily and I were meant to be friends.

So, yeah...I sniff my dog's feet, and enjoy their 'chippy' quality. Deal with it.


Mere said...

I can remember exactly how my old dog, Tundra's feet smelled. It was indeed corn chippy. Apparently I also practiced this odd ritual.

Nisha said...

My husband is OBSESSED with smelling our dog's feet. The cat's too! You are not alone.

And McDonald's Diet Coke ~ I am SO with you on that one. I don't know if it's the wax on the cup or the size of the straw, but no one does it better!

brandieib said...

Now if only you could get her to walk through some salsa you'd have a REAL snack on your hands! heehee

Jacob & Crystal said...

Yesterday afternoon Jacob said to me, "I just woke up from the WORST nightmare." Apparently, Jacob's very worst nightmare consists of me bringing home a puppy and a kitten. Sad!

JELL said...

Just last night I was sniffing Bean's neck/chest and saying to Jeff how much I love it when she smells all warm and doggy. Stinky, warm, furry smell.
Oh, and I've long been a fan of corn chip feet.


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