Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Great Big Dreams.

Our great room is in serious need of an overhaul. We tore out our flooring and painted the concrete with plans on (eventually) putting in wood laminates. Neither my husband nor I loves the painted concrete, as it's just not as durable as we expected and there's no dimension to the color at all, but that's neither here nor there until we have the money saved up to cover it with a more permanent flooring solution. We painted the walls a lovely pale yellow (almost looks like a warm creamy color) called Social Butterfly. But we have a lot more to get done, and I've been feeling confused where to start.

Because the room opens up to the kitchen and dining room, which we painted a bold color called Eucalyptus Leaf several months back, we have to make sure the rooms tie together cohesively enough, though we're ok with having different colors in each room. They just need to complement each other.

One thing I am dying to get rid of is our area rug. We bought this rug (seen here, toward the top of the post, with Luca sitting on it in bad lighting) when we first moved in to cushion the expanse of tile. At the time, it made sense with our budget (it's 8'x10' and was just under $200 on Overstock.com) and with the floor, which was red and burnt orange saltillo tile. But it's not very thick and plush, the colors are ok next to the couch but make no sense with the rest of the things in the great room and dining room area, and I'm just not feelin' it anymore.

One of the inspirations for our kitchen and dining area color was the hanging lamp we have in what's supposed to be the 'eat in kitchen'. You can see that lamp about halfway down this post, about choosing the color.

I've been considering drawing some of the colors out of that lamp and using them in both rooms, leaning more toward a silver and red palette in the kitchen, and maybe bringing some of the kitchen's color and some lime green into the great room. But that's where I get stuck, and I'm afraid to make any big moves. I don't know WHY I am afraid...I just am.

For context, here's a picture of how the great room looks now, except that this one was taken when it had just been cleaned, and it never looks like this in real life. Add a dozen or so childrens' books to the couch and floor, several of Luca's clothing items she's changed out of and strewn about, some of Darrick's socks, a fat dog sleeping on the sofa, at least one glass with something in it on that console table behind the couch, and toys littering the rug and it would be more true to life.

From that angle, the rug makes sense. However, 90% of the time we're viewing it from the other side of the room, looking at it with the new kitchen color as a backdrop (I was standing in the dining area when I snapped this shot) and it is not a good match.

Here are the two colors we have in those rooms (Social Butterfly I couldn't find online, so this is a similar one:

Both of these are from the Home Depot website.

And these are some color ideas I'm mentally tossing around to add some life into our rooms:

From:  http://blog.fashionchat.info/2007/09/28/key-colours-autumn-2007-winter-2008/

The color in the lower left of those 4 squares above is close to the Eucalyptus Leaf, and I really like the upper left and lower right colors to mix and match with it, maybe in the great room.

I'd love some kitchen accessories in this kind of red.

I also really love this blue for the great room, and it ties in with two pillows we have on the couch.

And since I'm daydreaming here, I'd love to be able to toss my hubby's favorite recliner and a few other things, and add these pieces into the rooms:

Futon Mattress

Jason Polan Vidalia Pillow Cover

Grass Striped Rug

Vernal Cusp Rug

And oh, there is more. But for now I need to focus on this dream first: finishing replacing and retouching all the baseboards we took out back in October. Until then, I'll keep right on dreaming.

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