Tuesday, March 1, 2011

That Man Has One Too.

Ah, being a mom to a talkative toddler has its perks.

This morning I was driving both the kids to daycare. Luca asked to go to Laura's house instead of preschool, and because we think it's nice for her and Romo to have a day together and for her and Laura to keep a good relationship, we said yes. However, the whole way there, Mo was asking to go to grandpa's house. "Graaaanpa's. (pause) Houuuuuse," over and over.

I kept telling him, "Sweetie, we're going to Laura's. You can see Grandpa later this week." Luca, thinking herself quite helpful, informed me, "Oh mommy, Rohan likes to hang out with other men. They all have weiners."

Stifling a laugh, I said, "This is true, sweetie. Except, we call them penises, ok?" (something about a 3 year old saying 'weiner' doesn't sit right with me).

"Ok mama. Rohan has a penis."
"Yes, he does."
"And so does...GRANDPA!"
(cringing) "Yes, he does."
"And Daddy."
"And Uncle B. And Uncle Aaron."
(Cringing more, but thankful she's only mentioning my husband's brothers and not mine, as I really didn't want to think about that.)
"Yes, sweetie. All men do."
"Can we talk about all the men who have penises?"
"How about we skip that, ok?"
"Ok. Why?"
"Um......oh look!" I say as I pull up to a red light. "That man has a really cool bicycle."
Derailing my plans to change the topic, she says, "And a penis. He has a penis too. Don't forget, mama."

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