Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How the Dinosaurs Died.

No, seriously. According to my (science teacher) husband, an asteroid is now (ok, had been for years and years) the commonly accepted most likely answer for how the dinosaurs went extinct. And here I thought it was an ice age and acid rains?

Either way, I am seriously digging the 1980s vibe of this artistic interpretation of mass extinction of dinos.

Aside for the humorless: There is nothing funny about mass species extinction.


Sharon said...

This post is kind of awesome. 80's Dinosaur End-of-the-World depiction and all.

Sharon said...

Oh, and have I mentioned Isabella's new love of dinosaurs? Or "saurs" as she calls them. It started at the Children's Museum, where she was mesmerized and simulateously terrified of the giant dinosaur exhibit (particularly of the T-Rex that roared and moved its mouth - full of sharp teeth). She would plead to leave the dinosaur room, and then plead to go "see the saurs." And then be terrified and plead to leave (but not before telling them, "Bye saurs! See you later!" and blowing them kisses). This repeated several times throughout the trip to the museum, and ever since then, she thinks saurs are the coolest thing ever.


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