Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I had a legit reason to go to the Target by my house after work today. Luca's school does a thing called 'Cubbie of the Week' where each preschooler is honored for a week. They answer a questionnaire, get to choose snacks and free time activities, and pick the weekly movie. They also get to make a board with pictures of themself on it, and here is where I confess I am horrible about printing photos.

TAKING photos? I'm your girl. PRINTING them and making an album? Yeah, not so much.

So with Luca's week looming, we have until this Friday to get pictures 'from birth through preschool' to submit, which meant I had to sift through an obscene number of photo albums on Shutterfly and choose some to print. When I got done I realized the error of my ways, as delivery in 5-7 days was $8, and I need these by, oh, tomorrow? Yeah. So I noticed the 'print in store' option, and next thing you know I'm saving $8 and ordering them at the Target nearest me that has 1 hour photo. And I would have gone to 'my' Target, but then this was happening:

And it was happening less than a mile from 'my' Target. Now, thankfully this was resolved with no injuries and no deaths, but the area of shops all around my house was closed off with police, swat teams, media and more. So I used the next closest Target, submitted the order, and left work to get my kids. My mom and I took the kids out to dinner, and then I headed to pick up my pictures. The photo lab had just closed, but the register girl told me to go do my shopping and she'd pull the pictures for me so I could pay for them and take them home.

I had some shopping to do, though I really needed groceries more. However, since it was a bit after 6 I knew my time clock on the kids' patience was running very low, so I opted to get a few things at Target (dog food, milk, bread, cheese, hot dogs for the kids, cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, diapers) that were necessities and then head up front.

Only to discover: my trip to Target was for naught because it turns out the 1 hour photo option is null and void if you order online, so my photos won't be ready for tomorrow (still on time, but sheesh!).

So, Target won. Sorta. They got $82 of my money, but the only thing that was not purely a 'necessity' was the 15 cent candy kit in the Christmas clearance section. Honestly, only spending 15 unnecessary cents is something I am pretty damn proud of. The kids' clothes, clearance racks, endcaps, and shoes all called and it was hard to walk away and stick to my list, but I did it!


In other news, on the way home Luca was getting goofy and proceeded to tell me that boys are poopy heads and girls have pee on their heads and that her dad and brother are going to wear all brown and 'poopy hats' and we will wear yellow and yellow hats so we can have a peepee-poopoo party.

I can't remember the last time she made me laugh that hard.

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Anne said...

I can't get out of Target for less than $90. The other day Cole told his grandma that green beans dipped in poop were yucky. Nice!


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