Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Words are Failing.

This week has been a somber one. I've cried while watching the news, listening to the radio, and reading the many stories and tributes. My heart is so heavy when considering the lives cut short. Not only those of 9 year old Christina and 30 year old Gabe, but also those of the victims who should have been enjoying the warm afternoon sunshine of life. I think of the pain of those families and friends who lost loved ones. I think of the horror felt by the witnesses and the survivors and I hope with all my heart that those who we lost did not have time to know what was happening and died in peace, in the arms of others.

And, oh! The others. Thinking of the bravery of a loving husband who took the fatal shot meant for his wife, the intern whose quick thinking kept the Congresswoman alive, the men and woman who took down the gunman and knocked away his heaviness is gone and I am done. Just done. I turn into a mess, with a lump in my throat and hot tears burning my eyes. I sit in admiration and awe, hoping that in their shoes I could do the same, and wishing we never had to learn the worth of their bravery.

Somber and hopeful. I will watch tonight as those Arizonans (and Americans) lost are remembered with tearful goodbyes. I will watch dignitaries and common people speak about bravery and fear and heroes. I will find the hope in the heaviness.

I will sit in silence and honor those we lost and those who saved and were saved.

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