Thursday, January 6, 2011

Teaming Up Against Me.

On nights like tonight, I think the world is teaming up against me in my best efforts to make some positive change in my own life.

Case in point 1 - Searching through old pictures of Luca to drop off at school tomorrow (the prints were done today and I was SO good and walked right up to the photo lab, paid, and walked out!), my uterus came under seige. Don't believe me? Observe:

I could go on all day like this. Seriously. But I will stop here. I'm just sayin', I'm pretty sure even my husband had sympathy baby fever looking through these. But as much as I want a baby right now, I also know it's not good timing. If we have another, I want another homebirth which means paying about $3-4k out of pocket when all is said and done, since my insurance won't cover it. On top of that, we need to wait until Luca's not in preschool ($$) anymore, I want to get to a comfortable weight before I am pregnant again, and we have financial goals to meet first.

Right? Sigh.

Case in Point 2 - My husband has to coach at a wrestling tournament all tomorrow and Saturday, which means we are on our own. On our own, trying to eat healthy and not spend money for 2 days? Yikes. Can I do it???

Case in Point 3 - I am craving Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream. And there is a nearly full carton in my freezer. Guess I should go to bed to avoid eating it.


Lisa T said...

I love little birdie's pictures!! I was in LOVE with her little itty bitty size!

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness!! That last photo just melted me into a giant swooning puddle.


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