Sunday, January 2, 2011

Big Boy Room.

It all started with a crib with the front panel removed, creating a makeshift toddler bed. The bed worked for a time but it was a bit high off the ground even at the lowest mattress setting, and our lbig little guy needed some more room. Every night no less than two times he would roll out of that bed and BOOM onto the floor. Sometimes it woke him and he cried, other times I'd check on him before I went to bed and, in the darkened room illuminated only by the guest bathroom light from across the hall, finally spot him behind the door or under the crib or, once, half on top of the train table.

Our crib converts to a bed, but all that really meant was that we had a headboard. We would still need to buy a frame, mattress, and box springs. Mentioning this to my mother-in-law resulted in 4 hours of bed shopping on the day after Christmas, and this beauty getting delivered to our house while we were out of town on Thursday:

I'm sort of loving how Darrick is scratching his head in this picture. We were BOTH scratching our heads since the room was overcrowded and needed some revising. I don't have a good before picture, but when you walked into the room, there was a 2 door closet to your right, a crib straight ahead and an unused changing table to the left of the crib. The wall across from the wall of closets has a window in the center, and a train table was below that. The wall which the door is on is across from the wall where the crib was, and had a 5-drawer dresser and a 4-drawer dresser with a laundry hamper between them.

It was crowded and not too functional. And it was about to change. Because I love to reorganize rooms, here are some pictures of how it looks now. I'd like to repaint the walls and get some art in there at some point, and there will be a bedside table next to the lower bunk as well. The bed came with a ladder, but it's not attached unless we're in there supervising. I also would like a little area rug for the center of the room, mainly because the carpet has some stains and until we can afford to replace it I'd like to cover them. But, in all its glory (and complete with a super proud boy as tour guide) I present the Big Boy Room!

The view when you walk in. The top bunk needs sheets, and I'm not in love with the leaf/windsail thing up there, but it works for now).

Next to the bed is the 4-drawer dresser (my mother-in-law's dad made both dressers by hand when his own grandkids were born) which stores mostly sheets, mattress covers, and extra linens. We also need new curtains.

Picasso's breastfeeding print might not fit as well in a big boy room as it did in a nursery, but it's staying there until I figure out what else I want to do with it, and what else belongs in its spot.The 5-drawer dresser was moved into the corner further, and the train table was moved away from the window and against this wall, which is directly to your left when you walk in. On the dresser is a felt rectangle with star cut outs and internal lighting, which makes a really cute lamp for the room. The picture above it is by Canyon Photography, of sweet Rohan as a newborn.

One more view of the bed and the dresser beside it.

I'm really happy with how it's shaping up in there. It's not 'done' but it's looking good...and very grown up!

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Sharon said...

Stop!!! He can't have a big boy room. He's barely older than Bella. And I can't handle that...


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