Tuesday, December 28, 2010

January 1 Looms.

Last year I made myself two solemn swears, and then I didn't fulfill either. But that's neither here nor there because a new year is coming and I'm an eternal optimist. Plus, I was raised Catholic so nothing makes me feel more complete than setting myself up for the guilt of not following through. I'm clearing up some karmic space in my world by making some goals this year that I hope will improve our lives.

Three Goals for 2011:

1. Financial Stability. We're on a real, live budget for the first time ever, with plans of moving to cash from debit cards as of January. We'll have auto pay for our bills and cash for most expenses. Debit cards aren't being frozen or anything, but they are going to get some rest this year. I've been wanting to do this for awhile, but honestly we needed to get to a place where we were ready. In addition to a budget and cash living, we're working on getting rid of the credit card debt, and I'm develping a payoff plan for that. I need this. I am sick of worrying about money.

2. Health. Darrick and I have both made a commitment to losing weight, but it's not just about dieting. It's about diet. Healthy foods, less going out to eat (meshes well with the $ goals) and more outdoor fun. I have a goal in mind for year end, but I'm not going to put it out there. I AM going to work on making some healthy changes and hope those bring me closer to that goal as the months go by.

3. Thrifty. It's something we've been slowly progressing toward for awhile, but we made a pact this year: second hand is the way to go. Other than the obvious (gifts, food, toiletries and diapers for example) we're going second hand or going bust. We already make an effort to buy clothes for our kids, home decor, etc at second hand stores. Even my husband will happily shop Goodwill for work clothes and shoes (like the $350 pair of size 15s he got for $14.99 at our local Goodwill last week...I shit you not.). This is where I confess I'm the one who doesn't shop second hand for myself. It's NOT because I am a snob or think I am above it. For many years the majority of my wardrobe was from thrift stores and I had much more style back then! It's more that I don't like my body right now so clothes shopping becomes a drain emotionally (see goal #2) and the idea of sifting through rack after rack searching for treasures like you must do when shopping second hand compounds the misery. But no more excuses: this year, I'm going thrift or going home! I'm going to tally up (as best as I can guess) what we spent in 2010 on brand new items we could have purchased second-hand, and compare that to what we spend in 2011. I bet this helps with Goal #1, too. Bonus!

So, there they are. My nebulous and exciting goals for 2011. We're going to live like we have less than we do in order to gain more, and care for ourselves a little better. I'm actually looking forward to making these changes, suffering a bit and giving up some of the convenience and comforts we've taken for granted.


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Sharon said...

Hi! I know you're not talking to me as a non-commenter. haha

We have similar goals (although I didn't post the fiscal responsibility one, but I want to stop spending money on stuff I don't care about to save for stuff I really want - currently, photography stuff).

I posted most of my goals on my blog, but I'm hoping to do the same getting healthy/eating better/losing weight with realistic goals that you talked about. I hope to stick with it this year!

I also want to improve my photo taking skills and learn more about photography, stick to my 365 Day photo challenge, keep up with my blog, finish my 2010 Bella photo book and put together the 2011 book, and spend lots of quality time with my family and my good friends. Oh, and go to Disneyland. As often as possible. =)

And done and done - you are linked my dear! =)


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