Monday, August 4, 2008

Cutest Conversation...Ever?

I just got off the phone with my friend Lindsey. When she called, I almost had a heart attack. First, I thought maybe she was being held captive and I was the only person who would answer my phone. Then, I suspected maybe she was sick...perhaps dying from cancer? My last guess....that she had made a sudden last-minute trip to the AZ...was also false. Turns out...she JUST WANTED TO TALK. Meredyth will appreciate how unexpected THAT was.

Anyhow, that wasn't the cute part. The cute part was our kids. Luca loves when we talk on the phone, so she came over and said in her munchkin voice "Hi!" and waved at my cell. Linds started cracking up at the weeness of it, and I asked Luca to repeat. She then decided she would rather give kisses, so poor Lindsey only heard "MMmmmmm" as Lu leaned in for the kill. Well, this all promtped Lauren, Lindsey's 4 year old, to want to say hi to Luca, so we put the phones on speaker and they did a little "Hi" back and forth. The conversation was capped off by Lauren referring to Luca as 'Becca' (an honest mistake). SO precious!!!

Oh, and of course, there was this gem which Lauren came up with later on, as I was still talking to Lindsey. Linds was telling me how Lauren is, " and funny and..." and in the background, Lauren piped in with, "I AM funny." As in, "Do NOT undersell THAT quality mom. It's one of my best!"

God I love kids.

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Lindsey J said...

i feel bad - i really should call people more.
our kids are cute - and, being in the horrible place i am - i really want to run back to AZ an raise mine with yours and liz's and all of their cousins!
yes, i said it - i miss AZ - or at least the people who inhabit it.


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