Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Luca's first Christmas has come and gone, and it was amazing. We started some new traditions (Christmas Angel, Christmas jammies) and kept some old ones alive (endless hours of A Christmas Story, too much food, and graham cracker houses with the family).

Christmas Jammies!

Graham Cracker House

We went to Darrick's parents' house on Christmas Eve, and the WHOLE family was there. There were kids running around and BIG kids also running around and copious glasses of wine consumed. Luca got a Christmas dress from her Grandma Cyndy, which she looked SO edibly cute in! Uncle Brandon couldn't wait to snuggle her up:
She also got a HUGE pile of gifts. Darrick's family was very generous and made sure she's got just enough toys and rattles and noise-making objects to keep the whole family entertained for the next 5 months, until her birthday. Here you can see her taking in the pile of gifts. In the next photo you can see she was so excited, she put her little index fingers in a steeple, drummed them together, and said 'Exxxxxxxcellent', while pondering how she planned to overthrow the leadership in Iran and bring Peace on Earth.

On Christmas Eve night, we went with my mom and sister the Zoolights at the Phoenix Zoo. It was cold, but we had a great time.

Christmas morning started early (as every morning does with a baby in the house). We woke up and opened our presents. Luca got a ton of clothes and a crocodile piano. I got BEAUTIFUL diamond earrings and some new black flip flops to replace the Tevas I miss so dearly. Darrick got a new cell phone, an 'Out of Office Countdown' calendar (VIVA the end of BUSH!), and a set of espresso mugs and saucers to go with the espresso maker we bought a month ago.

While Luca napped, we had breakfast and watched A Christmas Story, then when she woke we packed up the gifts and went to my brother's house for more gifts and Breakfast #2. He and his wife made breakfast burritos, and after we ate we opened presents. Luca was spoiled again (no surprise there). She got some custom-made onsies and books from Aunt Ann, a custom-made hoodie and a picture frame from Uncle Robert and Aunt Jaimi, a Cookie Monster TMX from Uncle Jim, and books, clothes, stuffed animals, and a Radio Flyer red wagon from Grandma.

Here Comes Trouble

The hoodie Aunt Jaimi made.
Chillin' in the Radio Flyer wagon.

We feel very lucky this year to have each other and our fabulous little girl. We hope your family's Christmas was as filled with laughs and love as ours was.

Merry Christmas!!!

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