Thursday, December 31, 2009


The scene: Walking down the bread aisle in our local Target. Luca runs her hand down the shelf, touching each loaf as we pass.

Me: "Luca, please don't touch all those loaves of bread."
Luca: "Baby JESUS, Mama!"


The scene: In the lingerie section of Target, me looking at the clearance rack for jammie pants.

Luca (behind me): "Mama, I think you need DIS!"
Me (not turning to look): "What is it sweets?"
Luca: "A BOOBIE holder!"
Me (turning to see her holding up a beige 42HH bra - btw, who even know Target SOLD that size??): "Hahahahahaa!"


The scene: Luca uses her potty, stands, than turns to me.

Luca: "It's a poo poo Mama!"
Me: " Oh that's just a little one, Luca."
Luca: "It hasta grow up still, Mama!"

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