Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Girl.

* Tells me that when she grows up, she wants to have four babies: Rainbow Chocolate Girl, Shoopy, Famataka, and Tamataka. And they will grow in her belly and she will get BIG boobs.

* Says, "Why?" an estimated 84.7 times per hour.

* Has a pink monster name B-O-A Calforn, who has 4 green arms, purple and pink hair, and 2 feet. She's a nice monster, which is good because there's a rule that only 1 monster can live in each house, and if we hadn't gotten Calforn, we could have ended up with a mean red monster. She lives in a neon pink bowl with a silver lid.

* Likes to sleep next to her Mommy and Daddy.

* Gives 'sugar kisses'.

* Doesn't cooperate with pictures unless properly bribed.

* Hates brushing her teeth. We have to trade off: as long as she's brushing her teeth, I keep reading bedtime books. She stops brushing, I stop reading. For now, it works.

* Used the Silly Putty the Easter Bunny brought her to give us both 'Silly Putticures' today.

* Makes the sun shine brighter in our lives and reminds us there is always time for a cuddle.

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