Monday, April 12, 2010

One Week Left.

My BL Challenge with friends ends next week, and I'm only coming up with one word that describes how I am feeling today: discouraged.

First, my husband was out of town Friday and part of Saturday, thus throwing my whole weekend off mentally. That meant that Sunday morning when I woke, rather than jumping on the scale to WI, I ate breakfast. Oops. And then by the time I realized it WAS Sunday and I WAS due to WI, I had downed lunch too. Not bad...not unhealthy...just food, which = weight on the scale.

I weighed in anyhow, because you can't just skip a week you know. And therein lies frustration #2: I cheated on my promise to myself that I would not WI in the middle of the week 'just to see how it's going'. Doing that leads to either getting super excited about the loss I see so far and deciding a little (BIG) Starbucks won't sabotage me THAT much -OR- being really let down by a lack of progress and mentally giving the week up as a failure. But I did it...and I was down. WAY down. And so perhaps I splurged a tiny bit on Friday (Starbucks coffee in the a.m., Mexican food for lunch, Starbucks tea in the p.m., cookies for dessert). But I had the extra points for it so I *should* have been ok.

I was not ok.

Because here's what I discovered about scales: they can be fancy and they can be new and they can measure your weight AND your body fat...but on saltillo tile they just might suck at giving you consistent readings.

So that 'Oh my gosh I am DOWN THREE POUNDS!' turned into 'Um, what the hell?!?! UP a pound?? How did THAT happen???' in a matter of 2 days. And while cloaked in denial, I decided to test a theory, and began to move the scale to different spots in the bathroom. And each spot? A different reading.

Conclusions for this week:
1. Starbucks is not the devil when you order a skinny vanilla latte and keep it to ONE drink per week.
2. My scale needs a new home. We'll try the flat cement floors in the garage first, the dumpster second.
3. With 1 week left in this challenge, I'm not going to win....but I HAVE lost. And DAMMIT I WILL try to hold firmly to the success of that even when it's not as great a success as I'd hoped for!

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Anonymous said...

I have this same exact issue. I can stand on the scale in the bathroom and show a loss. I can stand on it in the dining room (different type of flooring) and show the same reading as I did yesterday. It's a crap chute. I know I sound like a broken record, but seriously, take your measurements and eff the scale. Go by how your pants fit and TRY not to focus in on the numbers. I know - easier said than done - coming from the girl who weighs in every single freaking day because I can't help it. After being on this effing plateau for a month, I FINALLY saw progress today on the scale. The only thing that kept me from getting discouraged was measuring myself, because I was losing inches just like I thought. Keep your chin up... you look fantastic just the way you are and if you lose any more, well you may just get to super model material my dear. :)


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