Saturday, August 25, 2007

Luca and Lydia

Our friends Troy and Jessica were in town on Friday and Saturday from Vegas. Jessica and Lydia came to visit (we missed Troy, but he had to study...apparently that is a necessary evil when one wishes to become a Doctor). The girls seemed to enjoy seeing each other. Lydia loves babies and just wanted to hold Luca's hand or touch her toes. And Luca has just recently started to notice things like other babies and animals, so she was very interested in Lydia.

The visit was too short (they always are when you miss your friends), but we loved seeing them!


Crystal said...

K, I added you. Add me too.

Um, I miss the crap out of you. Are you too busy being a professional lady to email me from work? Can we start that back up again, or no?

Luca's getting pretty cute.

Mere said...

Oh my gosh....Lydia with Luca is so cute.

I kind of want to call Luca, "The Luca" - as though she is a force. Is that okay?

The Kahles said...

Stel, I miss you too!

Mere, you can call Luca anything you want if you get your sweet ass out here and visit us!


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