Thursday, October 16, 2008

POP goes the belly!

It's official...I have a baby belly now. I've been feeling different for a few weeks, but in normal clothes it was not obvious. Yesterday, however, I went into the restroom at work and caught site of a gut in the mirror. I stopped, as customary for most women, and attempted to suck that belly in. No luck. It wasn't going ANYWHERE.

I went back into the office and showed my co-worker. Now, I'm not one of those pregnant women who wants to look pregnant 4 weeks in. I'm not prone to showing off my belly either. But just last week, she was asking me when I'd start showing, so I had to give her a peek and see if she noticed the belly too. She kindly said, "I see something, but barely." Of course, she has to say that because she is skinny and adorable, and cannot risk insulting the hormonal chub in the next office over. But I digress.

Today I was getting dressed and this...this...thing kept getting in the way of wearing my normal clothes. So I put on a loose purple top and black pants and was going about my way. And then it happened, again, in that same restroom at work ( it's odd for a pregnant woman to spend lots of time running to the bathroom?). There was that belly, and it was even bigger than the day before.

What happened is what's referred to in pregnancy land as 'popping'. It's when the knocked up chick goes from looking like she's had too many chips and cookies to looking pregnant. Last time it didn't happen until about 25 weeks (though I noticed it right at 18 weeks then too), but I expected it earlier this time. I just really hope this isn't a sign I'm going to END this pregnancy bigger than the last.


Tamara said...

Eeee! How exciting. :-)

Colleen Broach said...

You are too self conscious, you probably look adorable!!!


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