Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick Update

I am so behind on blogging. Mostly because my 'me time' is relegated to a few stolen hours here and there when both kids are asleep and I am awake. I have much to update on, and most of it is good. But since I don't have much time, the highlights:

- Luca will be 2 next month! When did THIS happen?!?! She is SUCH a kid now, too. She's got attitude for days, she speaks sentences (she strung together 6 words the other day...SIX words from a 23 month old....), and she's taken to being a big sister better than we ever could have wished for. She never ceases to amaze us.

- Rohan is a little champ. He's faced a few obstacles already in his short life (5 weeks!), some of which I have blogged about and 1 which I will blog about eventually...when I'm ready...but he is such a cool kid. He snuggles, he smiles, he holds up his head and has already rolled twice from his belly to his back. He's such a light in our lives.

- Darrick got his contract to teach next year, which is great news! AZ's budget was slashed big time this year, and the huge cuts to education mean a lot of teachers are losing their jobs because their schools just don't have money to pay them. So we were really releived to learn Darrick's boss gave him his contract and he has a spot still! He loves his job, and we definitely need that paycheck.

That's it for now...crying baby calls, so I'll tide you over with some pictures.


Colleen said...

Great Pictures!!
You are doing so good with 2 kids, I'm not sure I would even be able to function.

Crystal said...

Hey, is that a snot bubble in Luca's picture, 3rd from last?

Muffin Cake said...

Many, many snot bubbles. What can I say? We were rehearsing for the talent portion of the Little Miss Perfect pagaent. Think she'll win?


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