Thursday, April 30, 2009


We've had quite the first 6 weeks, with a mixture of pride, excitement, joy, worry, exhaustion, and bliss. Adding a second kid to the mix has been both way harder (finding time to just be with Luca, not being able to nap when baby does, crying newborn + whining toddler) and way easier (SO much love to go around, Luca being a fabulous big sister, Rohan fitting into the fold so easily, already knowing what to expect) than we could ever have imagined.

Luca's turning 2 very soon (next week! :::gulp:::) and she becomes more kid and less baby every day. She's my little buddy, and sometimes I tear up just looking at her, listening to her talk and sing songs, and imagining what she's going to be like when she gets older. She loves telling stories. Come over and let her warm up to you, and you're likely to hear about how Mama fixed the fan, how Grandma's kitty cats scratched her, how Daddy built a gate, how the ice cream "FALL DOWN!", and how she has a broken ABC table. She has an amazing memory too...Mama fixing the fan refers to me using the vacuum to get dust from the fan blades weeks upon weeeks ago, and she still talks about it almost every day. She's a funny kid too, which makes me so happy. Lots of people can be cute. You can study yourself smart. But funny is born, and I'm proud my kid was born with it.

As for Rohan, he's doing so well. His skin issue (and the corresponding belly pain) does not cramp his style too much. He has yet to react to sunlight or heat, which were our two biggest worries. Can you imagine if he reacted to sun and heat living in AZ? Eek! He had a rough time with his belly issues last week when the spot was blistering, but we quickly found a regimen of Gripe Water and Mylicon to deal with it. Lots of times he gets fussy because of the gas and we have trouble burping him while he cries. Gripe Water usually gets a good belch out, and calms him right down. Every time Rohan gets some Gripe Water, Luca stands nearby, mouth open, pleading, "I have some too?" Ah, big sisters! Anyhow, his belly seems better this week and his spot hasn't been irritated, so he's been sleeping well (he usually only wakes 2 times per night, which I can totally handle) and smiling a lot. In fact, his first smiles came before he was even a month old!

In other news, Darrick got his contract for teaching next year, which is a relief. With all the cuts to education funding in Arizona, we were happy he has a job. He's the newest teacher in his department, so his fear was he'd be the first to be cut if cuts were to happen. Thankfully, we don't have to worry about that right now!

We're planning a trip to visit my Grandma, who is 91 and lives in LA, in a few weeks, when Darrick's off for the summer. She sent us a card when Rohan was born, letting us know she's working on a quilt for him. It will probably be awhile before it's done (at her age, the quilting is slow going) but we're so excited to have it. She made one for Luca, and it's such a special treasure to us! Here is the quilt she made for Luca. Cannot wait to see Rohan's!

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